Kenneth Iverson
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  1960-08  The Description of Finite Sequential Processes
presented at the Symposium on Information Theory held at the Royal Institution, London, August 29th to September 2nd, 1960.
  1963-06  Programming Notation in Systems Design  link 0.7 M
  1964  A Formal Description of System/360
with Adin Falkoff and Edward Sussengeth
  link 4.1 M
  1968-08  APL\360: User’s Manual, with Adin Falkoff  link 7.3 M
  1969  APL\360 Primer, by Paul Berry  link 13 M
  1973  The Design of APL, with Adin Falkoff  link 1.2 M
  1979-10-29  Notation as a Tool of Thought
1979 Turing Award Lecture
  link 2.3 M
  1980-10  APL\360 developers group photo   photo 0.2 M
  1981  APL Blossom Time
composed by Michael Montalbano; performed by Jim Brown, Larry Breed, John Bunda, Diana Dloughy, Al O’Hara, and Rob Skinner at APL81
  link0 4.2 M
link1 3.3 M
  1982-10  A Personal History of APL, by Michael Montalbano  link 0.2 M
  1990-02-26  Announcement of the first public demonstration of J  link 0.2 M
  1990-08  J shareware version distributed at APL90  link 0.1 M
  1991  A Personal View of APL
written on occasion of the 25-th anniversary of APL
  link 1.0 M
  1991-11-23  J version 4.1 source and executable  link 0.2 M
  1992-05  Two Notes on Notation, by Donald Knuth  tex
  1992-12-20  J version 6.2 source and executable  link 0.6 M
  1993-11-14  J version 7.0 source  link 0.1 M
  1995-06  Representations of Recursion, with Roger Hui  link 0.1 M
  1998-06-11  Citation for Dr. Kenneth E. Iverson
read on occasion of his receiving the honorary degree of
Doctor of Science from York University
  2004-09-05  Last photograph  photo
  2004-11  Eulogies  link
  2004-11  Remembering Ken Iverson, by Roger Hui  link
  2004-11-18  Celebrating his life and work
OISIE/UT Toronto
  video 90 M
  2004-11-30  A Celebration of Kenneth Iverson
at the Computer History Museum
  video 135 M
photo0 1.1 M
photo1 3.7 M
photo2 0.7 M
photo3 0.7 M
  2005-10  Quotations and Anecdotes, compiled and edited by Roger Hui  link 0.1 M
  2005-10  Biography in the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, by Keith W. Smillie  link 0.1 M