Appendix D. Errors

The following are the errors that can be signalled
by the system.

Message Text Example   Description
allocation error  

  insufficient space in a memory-mapped boxed array
assertion failure  

  T is not an array of all 1s in
a control structure assert. T
attention interrupt  


control error  

  an ill-formed control structure; or
the T block of a control structure does not result in a noun.
domain error 3+'4'

file access error  

  no permission to do a file operation
file name error 1!:1 <'foojunkfoo'

  a named file does not exist
file number error  

ill-formed name 7!:5 <'bad name!'   violates the rules for names as specified
in Section I
ill-formed number 1234 4q3   violates the rules for numeric constants as specified
in Section I and the discussion of
index error 19 { i.7   a value used as an index is out of range  

input interrupt  

interface error  

length error 2 3 + 4 5 6    
limit error i. 9e8    
locale error  

NaN error _+__

  the result would have been _. (NaN)
nonce error  

  not yet implemented for the nonce
non-unique sparse elements   ($.i.4){i.4 2

  the sparse element of a sparse array must be an atom
open quote 'don't do it'   an executed line contains an odd number of quotes in the non-comment text
out of memory  

  out of memory; or memory limit exceeded, see
9!:20 and 9!:21
rank error (i.2 3) i. 1

read-only data  

security violation     operation not permitted with the current security level setting;
9!:24 and 9!:26
spelling error 3 z: '4'

  violates the rhematic rules as specified in Section I,
or using a primitive word with no assigned meaning
stack error ".t=:'".t'   recursion limit exceeded, or
redefinition of a suspended verb, adverb, or conjunction (other than the current one)

syntax error )

  the result of a sentence is not a noun/verb/adverb/conjunction;
a verb attempting to produce a verb/adverb/conjunction result
system error  

  an “impossible” error (failure of an internal consistency check)
time limit  

  execution time limit exceeded; see 9!:32 and 9!:33
value error UninitializedName 

  using an uninitialized name